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Kamala and Maya's Big Idea written by Meena Harris and illustrated by Ana Ramirez 


  • This book is about: Vice President Kamala Harris, who broke boundaries as the first US female, black, and Asian VP; and her accomplished younger sister Maya who is an attorney and civil-rights activist.  

  • The book tells the true story of how when these women made a big change in their community as young girls by working to get a playground built for children in the area to enjoy.


The DEI Committee selected this book, not only because it is about Vice President Kamala Harris, but also because it proves that all children can make a difference in the world!  


It Began With a Page written by Kyo Maclear

  • This book is about: the compelling story of Gyo Fujikawa, a Japanese-American artist who wrote and illustrated the first book featuring children of different races playing and interacting together. Growing up, her opportunities as Japanese American and a woman were limited, but she worked hard and her perseverance and talent led her to a career in art, culminating as an animator at Walt Disney Studios.

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